Very funny. I have just been asked to audition for Widow Twanky! No no and thrice no!


He’s trying to get the local authorities to allow him to stage his one man version of the Scottish Play at the arena in Pula.


I think it’ll be a disaster but he’s not listening.


Please accept my most humblest of apologies for lack of pics.

We took the wine tasting on Tues a bit too literally and ended up utterly spangled as it was a good group we ended up with.

Pool day today.

All you pool sandal, flip flop wearing fucks can err… get to fuck for as long as the chavvy foam rubber will hold.


Looks like your shoe/sock combo has emptied the gaff


If I removed the socks, it would reek of Hipsterism.



The general absence of cuntish golfistisms, Widow Twankee-lite mithering and bucketing escapades on here over the last few days has been a breath of fresh air. Is permanent deportation a possibility?



Not completely

ToCs Toenails

It looks like our man has parked himself casually alongside someone who paints her (OK, that’s a guess) toenails. One glance at his footwear and she’ll be putty in his hands.



Isn’t shoes, socks and shorts the classic Euro-gay summer holiday look? You’re basically bum bait on a lounger.





The subject of the sentence is ‘the classic Euro-gay summer holiday look’. However, the sentence is very, very poorly constructed so you might suggest a form that parses correctly, such as:

Isn’t the classic Euro-gay summer holiday look shoes, socks and shorts?

Happy to assist with some pedantry pedantry


To be fair this isn’t clear* if all we have to go on is the original sentence. If A and B are the same then the questions “Isn’t A B ?” and “Isn’t B A ?” are equally valid.

VB (not VA)

*Except, of course, that you’d have written Aren’t if that had been what you’d meant.


Since when has that been a consideration?


Good point.



Avoidance fail.


I’ll bum bait you in a lounger all the way to the bottom of our stairs.


Fixt for your favourite usage.




Fixed again to further reflect truth.


A refreshing lack of golf courses in the vicinity. Did the painted one choose the hotel? :grinning:


Good sleuthing.