Mmm…I think I will save the Euros until we go to France in September and just withdraw dollars over there, we are all inclusive anyway so shouldn’t need too many :stuck_out_tongue:


In June we will be going here…




and a few other places.


I’m coming with you.


Family coming over from Oz, so we are showing them all of our favourite places in Calabria. We were thinking about a side trip to Matera but we didn’t have enough time.


Isle of sheppey?


I’m sure I’ll get on with them!

We’re going to matera next year.


I’m sure you would. They’re great fun.

It’s beautiful. You’ll love it.


we are off to Barcelona for 4 days of eating and drinking in our favourite places on Thursday- will be about our 20th visit.


The obvious assumption but look closely. You’ll never find beaches so rammed with Australians at Sheerness & the architecture at Oz’s destination is nowhere near as interesting.

My guess is he’s heading for the North East.


I love hidden beaches like that,Joe public probably doesn’t know it even exists


It seems like I will be going to Slovenia fo a bit in the summer.


Is matera worth a week?


Certainly 3 - 5 days.


When we went (about 6 years ago), we found the accommodation choice was limited and we were surprised at the lack of choice of restaurants and bars over the 4 days we were there. Since then there has been a lot of development and the choice now is much better.

We still loved it and the area around it though.


We won’t have transport, is it easy to get around?
Thinking we might need to do a few days away from the town.


The old town is very compact and walking it is easy. It would be worth considering hiring a car and getting out into the mountains and gorges. I’m sure there are tours but I have no knowledge of them as we always drive everywhere in Italy unless we do a city break.


Thanks, some more planning needed I think.


A lot more choice these days…


We’re unlikely to hire a car as I don’t drive.
Was thinking of a week in matera but it seems that may be a bit much, will look at other places and maybe do a split week.


Bike with panniers ?