Ouch! As you say though, could have been worse. You could have been wandering delirious with heat-stroke across the endless flats, with Fenlanders contemplating a BBQ of longpig… Well done for surviving the day!


Must have been gruesome


I have no idea what happened there. It was a picture of my foot. With some blisters on. WTFoot ?

Can anyone suggest a better free alternative to Photobucket, or a way of uploading images directly (I imagine that would quickly lead to a huge storage charge mind) ?



You can just upload them. Pictures don’t take up that much space in the scheme of things


The regular view has come out a bit weird on my machine (Win10, Firefox) with only the top of the image showing. But if I click on it then the whole thing appears in a separate window. Thanks (although looking at the pic other people may not feel the same way …).



Good effort given the conditions. I was wondering whether you’d be able to hook up somehow with Sodders & Sam as you passed by but that (beers in the garden) does sound like the most civilised approach.

Would doing this leg in trainers have been better?


The bad experience north of Chatteris involved a bloke in a full beekeper’s costume and then another figure (possibly the same person) watching me out of a caravan window while I struggled for what felt like my life.



Lighter shoes with some breathing capacity might well have worked better, as it happens. But a feature of the fens is the very high water table, so it’s a trade-off between having your feet soaked in sweat and having them soaked by the standing water in any ditch/rut you might try to cross (not that there’s been much rain recently). TBH I thought my feet had evolved to match the insides of my boots quite well. It seems there might still be some way to go though.



A swarm??


Such a shame you weren’t able to complete your trek Graeme, but good that you were able to get together with Sodders and Sam (I still miss them here, something should be done about that…).

The story of the beekeper and voyeur caravanserist should be told…


Waterproof socks?


I hope to issue a cockpunching, but it might have to wait until I’ve sorted the pics out (and checked that I’m not slandering anyone).



I do have some of those (Sealskin brand, and jolly good they are too) but I fear the problem was that my waterproof boots had trapped the sweat and the socks would have done the same.



Absolutely :thumbsup:


The absence of Paul & Sam is entirely their own decision AFAIK and if they wanted to return, I’m sure they would.

They must have their reasons for deciding not to post, so why not leave it at that?


Same here and I think they’re great but still not perfect as your feet can sweat in them. I just meant if you wore trainers in future you could match them with the socks. Only a thought though as the outcome may still be the same.

I’ve worn them in the lakes with trainers and my feet were dry but my partner’s feet were a bit damp due to sweating so likely down to the individual and the trainer combination.


You don’t need a third party photo file host on this forum Graeme. When you reply, just click on the upload icon at the top (7th from the left) and browse to the image on your pc.


I have talked to Paul about this. He said that he probably will come back sometime in the future :thumbsup:

I’ll most likely mention it again if he and Sam go to Gregg’s bake next week.


I’m a fan of a place called the the pig in Honiton it’s a little out of Exeter but you can stay there or the jack in the green is a decent bistro near me and 5 mins from the airport.
The fat pig is a decent boozer with good food in the city


The Fat Pig in the city looks interesting if this is the website

We are staying in the Hotel du Vin for one night before our flight to the Isles of Scully and then one night before our train back to London. On the return leg we’d planned to eat in the hotel - their Bistro is usually reasonably tasty.

But we are open to any suggestions for both stays.