How big a step?


It’s an optional extra on the Rock II, the most common one. You should be able to buy one with the plinth & lid


I can add nothing to this unfortunately.

Although, if I was buying a dishwasher I’d go for Siemens everytime.


I have owned many TTs as many will know, mainly belt drive but the biggest upgrade I ever made was buying the 401 and putting the Jelco 12" and AN IQ3 on it.


Also…after giving this a bit of thought… you should maybe pick one that has a good long lasting motor.

You know, incase it burns out while playing those excruciatingly looong records you play. :slight_smile:


New- Funk Firm Little Super Deck
Can’t go wrong :+1:
I would think about s/h though


Bit left field, but get Geoff at Servicesound to build you an amp…what he has done with his phono stage is rather special


I would state the obvious and recommend Steepletone, but I see your budget isn’t up to it.

So, if it must be new and have a lid -


Hana SL

Less than a grand in total and it will sound great


Is this within budget ?


He’s right
What about asking To visit Gthang -He is v close to you and has an AT deck?


heard this yesterday. I like, but then what do I know…


Off you fuck :angry:


How do I play my fantastic black plastic on an amp ? Left field ???


But is that an upgrade on my Debut III SE ?




I would think it would be quite a bit better



Ahhh! Bollocks. Diddn’t see that. The High West is kicking in…


Interesting. On the list.


Jack @Ciderpig is advertising an ex demo LP5 for £230!

Leaves you lots to waste on vinyl…




I’d look for an Oracle Delphi - you should get a decent Mk 2 with arm for your budget

Something like this;

Or this Mk 1 is a bit cheaper with a Sumiko