How big a step?


True :slight_smile: (except there’s no £5).

Fact is though that turntables are easy to do. Reasonable money gets you a very, very good turntable. Every extra factor of three in spend buys you one more very. What’s the difference between a very, very good turntable and a very, very, very good one ? Arms are a bit more fiddly - you can spend decent money and get one which still doesn’t work well with the cart. Cartridges, on the other hand, are bloody difficult. Cheap cartridges really sound like it. Mid-priced cartridges are quite a bit better but Joe Schmo can still hear the difference between them and the really good 'uns (and Serge can measure it). When it comes to bang-for-the-buck in the three digit range you just get more with the cartridge.



feck it . A 1210 is what you need :grinning:


Just thinking, and don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain but…have TTs improved so much that spending the same as my current one would be such as improvement ? Cartridge considered.


Have you a MC phono stage or just MM?


Did @myrman sell his avid?


Just MM but I’d consider an upgrade at THAT price level.


My local record shop has branched out into the hifi market.
As they sell a lot of viny,l hi-end turntables were the obvious next step.

Took this while in the shop yesterday


My local record store has a range of Crossleys. I’ll have look tomorrow.


What phono stage have you got?




These are the creme de la creme


Edwards Audio Apprentice


On a serious note, how big a diamond can you afford?


A very valid point. Any purchases always have a secondary price to pay. In this case, Narelle has had all her Mother’s rings redesigned to suit her, so it frees me up to spend a bit on myself without having to worry about extra jewels :sweat:


Sold it ages ago.


Well, update your website you slacker!

Audio Technica LP5 Direct Drive Turntable, boxed as new, stylus upgrade included as well as original stylus, low hours use, ex Demo, no lid. New RRP £349, this one £230.


Mine cost about £1200, al S/H so almost :rolling_eyes:


I did ages ago lol. Clear your cache!


I just did and it’s still there


No idea why. It’s not there anymore, I just checked. I deleted it more than 2 months ago.


is it on here