How big a step?


Small point, but if the cover is a necessity then you might want to check that the arc of the counterweight as the arm tracks in to the centre of the record doesn’t move outside the footprint of the plinth, allowing for the thickness of the cover perspex. I can’t find a top-down image of the Primus, but their Wow looks like you might just about get away with it. It’s close though



I wouldn’t listen with the lid down, so not an issue. I need the dust cover for…err…dust and the cat. Especially the cat who likes spinny things. :worried:


I had a perspex cover made for my old Thorens which came with one of those useless things that cover the platter and arm. It is not rocket science to design and should be cheap enough if you shop around. I had cutouts for the cables at the rear:

Nice handles at the sides:

Does the job:

The bonus with this style of cover is that it is largely pet-proof as long as it is made with heavier grade plastic/perspex and you are lucky enough that the pet always lands on top. A glancing blow to the side of any cover spells trouble.


An RX-8, oh hang on no a Techy SL1200MK2…and a Denon 103R, or a 2M Black and a Jimny.



many moons ago I bought s TTS3000 complete in great condition for £35

used it for quite a while then stripped it for bits


Not sure if you’re still pondering a tt upgrade but I think this Technics SL1000 (SP10) could be a very good buy.

I bought my Sony tt off this gentleman. He is a very decent chap and if he claims it is near mint, it will be. You will also find him amenable on price.

There are no pics on his ad but I believe it is this deck/plinth without arm:


That’ll be Dave Gibson’s t/t

Buy from him with total confidence :+1:


Lovely looking deck


Just buy this -

Adequate :+1:


£3K + and no pictures?


Yes, a dreadful omission. He has it on the Wam with pictures, not sure why he hasn’t posted them on that ad.


Pinko fish doesn’t host pictures, so you need to know how to embed with photo hosting elsewhere


I’ve been offered a Goldring 1042 with about 100 hours for £180.
I know they are a poor man’s IQ :relieved: but is this a good deal and would I notice much difference over the 2M Blue ?


Paid around the same for mine but it had around 250 hours on it so I’d say a good deal.

Compared my 1042 with an IQ2 and the difference wasn’t massive.

Haven’t heard the 2M Blue but I really like the 1042/IQ sound and think the IQ3 is much better than the 2M Black I had for a while (different arm/TT though)

You’re welcome to borrow my 1042 if you want to try it out.


I owned a bog standard 1042, the IQ2 and the IQ3 at the same time and the 1042 was quite a way behind the IQ2 which was a little behind the IQ3.

The 2M Blue is a little behind the 1042 but still an adequate cart.

All the above to these ears, in my stereo, YMMV etc etc etc


It’s prog, just get a Rega Carbon and have done with it.


Enjoy your ban…again :smirk:


Right. Thread necro…

I’ve decided on the Audio-Technica AT-LP5 and the Hana SL.

I have a Edwards Apprentice and can’t decide whether to keep the old TT/phono for the brewery or change the lot. I will need a MC phono stage to suit. Less than £500 if possible.

Sock it to me…


What about one of these, can resell with no loss of you buy sensibly