I hate Straya


Agreed, but they don’t tend to claim a veneer of respectability and general civilisation like the denizens of Adelaide.


True dat




I just saw this on a BBC News website report about the new non-stop Qantas London-Perth route:

Perth is often said to be the most remote city in the world as its nearest city of one million people is Adelaide - 1,207 miles (2,104km) away. However, Auckland in New Zealand is even more remote with Sydney its closet, some 1,337 miles (2,153km) away

(My bold.)

What can they mean ?



I love the way this thread is used by Strayans to debate which is the worse shit hole in Straya with no attempt made to declare any of it above “not as shit as Adelaide”.


Your point being ?


That is because we Australians are too classy and well educated to compare places to a real fucking cess pit like Wagga or Moe. If God ever wanted to give the world an enema, he would have to demolish Moe to have somewhere to plug in the hose. I’m not kidding, these places are appalling :poop::poop::poop::poop:


Don’t forget Griffith. Never forget Griffith.

TBF the surrounding are does produce bulk wine which keeps many Strayans quiet.

Sadly, the rest are as loud as usual.


I’ve just checked and the BBC have now corrected that thing about Sydney being Auckland’s closet.



Tru dat, it is awful. I particularly dislike much of Queensland, particularly when one can’t escape the horror by going to the beach. Ipswich is fucking hideous, no surprises that Pauline Hanson hails from that residential armpit. Townsville is so full of rednecks and racists it is frightening and there is nothing wrong with Rockhampton that couldn’t be cured by artillery. Yes, scenic small town Australia, a bit like Buttfuck, Alabama, but with worse dental problems.


Nope. No argument here.
However, there is no space on t’interwebs to list all the nasty, inbred ravaged, louse filled, shit holes which exist as “towns” or “regional centres” in Australia.

The only people surprised by them are inbred Strayans or furreners that have never been.


Non-stop flights to Straya starting in 2018. Amazeballs!


Trouble is they’re to Perth. Who the hell wants to go to Perth?


It does mean that escape is quicker :+1:


Freo is OK and you have the Nullabor between you and the sheer horror of Adelaide. I would recommend swimming off Rottnest Island. If you are lucky you’ll be taken by Great White before you are exposed to modern Strayan cultcha. :poop::poop:


I loved St. Kilda on a bottle of Vodka a day. Manley was ok and I quite liked Perth until I got deported.


Straya on TV Prog about bull sharks populating new canal side developments on the gold coast,

“How many people can say they have sharks in their back yard? It’s just awesome”

Nope, it just makes you a ready supply of dinner, FFS.


I, too, was deported from Perth. I liked Perth. I did not like the immigration people.


Really quite educational this thread. Turns out that Australia is infested with nasty poisonous critters, bad food, sharks, cunts and criminals. Who knew?


An Australian golf course last weekend.