In the market for an arm for a delphi mk4


what do you like about the fr64 over the v ?


Smoother, sweeter. Music flows better and sounds more natural, organic even. The V is a good arm, no doubt but the FR accentuates the benefits of analogue more effectively.


Got rid of them all they kept shattering


I’m surprised you could see any reflection of yourself in them anyway?



Chap here is willing to split arm from deck.


oh wow. missed that one. I’m on it cheers !


texture matters a lot to me.


Get this and sell the Mk4.


How much do Graham arms go for these days?


Phantom, £1.5k+


ah well. it’s a mk4 but with a mk6 motor, electronics, suspension and MVSS damper pots. I rather like the composite platter, so I’ll most likey add the mk6 bearing and then I suspect it’ll outperform a mk5. good idea though. Something about these oracles. I sold my mk2b to a friend for mate’s rates just to keep it in the family. I’m very attached to it. Felt absolutely nothing when i parted with my LP12 ARO despite owning it over 10 years but the dephi has brought so much happiness that it’s like a family pet :slight_smile:


I’ve had a chat with Jeff at audiomods and I’ll most likely get an s5 for now and see what shows up at my leisure.

Wonder if it’ll outperform a Zeta I’ve had from new. We shall see. What a heroic bit of engineering that thing is



I have an Audiomods IV on my Mk1 delphi.

Very good it is but not as good as a Tri-planar which trounced an SME V. SJS of this parish has a WB for sale or did have last time I noticed. Zeta is fantastic and I would be surprised if the Audiomods will beat it.


very helpful thank you !

don’t see triplanars for sale very often ?

WB I’ve never heard but I’m attracted to potentially lower resonance tube.

In what ways did the triplanar trounce the sme ? I’ve been offered a iv serial number 40180 but struggling to work out which bearings it would have in it. If the tube and bearings are the same as a v I’m tempted.

thanks !


How would i find user SMS please ?


You PM people, click on their icon or name.


Here you go:


brilliant thanks a lot!


ps. this place is great ! can’t understand why i didn’t know about it until now


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