In the market for an arm for a delphi mk4


I don’t recall you being that tall. Are you wearing your stack heels to go with your flares and cape?



He’s just measuring his collar on the 1970’s shirts.



Height perception is difficult for short arses, especially Yellow ones…




Oooh, I may have to have one made…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve always thought the same. A dealer once described my system as ‘intensely musical’. I’m sure he meant it as a compliment but I went down shortly afterwards with a wee dose of audiophilia nervosa. :blush:




Fair to say you didn’t rate the Wilson Benesch then ? I was starting to consider it again, I really must stop trying to decide based on which gushing review I’ve read online most recently :smile:


Just come here and ask for opinions on the most recent gushing review and I guarantee there’ll be some miserable bastard who will shoot it down in flames.


That is exactly how I feel about it (if I understand it at all, which I’m not sure I do).

Same with ‘PRAT’.
Isn’t that the rhythm section’s job ?

For me, Hifi is better, if it gets me nearer to what they recorded.

The rest is up to the performers and engineers


that’s kinda what i need though


But how do you know what was recorded?


I definitely never said that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Quite the reverse I was extremely happy with it for more than 15 years, just wanted a bit of a change and an arm with bigger boots in the bass on my suspended deck.
The AN Arm 1-3 has the bass, and the midrange is almost as clean, colourful and pure as the WB, so a good compromise for me.




To be honest I do not recall. It is certainly an early one with a damping trough that I have never used. I wanted one for over 30 years. Bob bought one and sold it to me as he knew I was going to buy it. I think Bob owns two. I know I have one of his here as well as mine!

Another great arm on an Oracle is an Odyssey

I would choose either above an SME V.


it’s a fair point, but I know it when I hear it.
I can’t explain that very well though tbf.

Clarity, focus, control, separation, expression, intent even.

I doubt I’m alone in sometimes making a change or tweak and listening intently, (sometimes with a second pair of ears belonging to the owner of the sme V) and asking myself "is that better ? maybe it’s worse, the same, I’m really not sure … and then a real improvement comes along and I know within 2 seconds of the needle hitting the groove. Even before I’ve returned to the listening position; standing off to the side of the speakers.

PEEK cones, delrin parts, pure copper spades, er nil points but lots of listening to accept that.

Star earthing, single socket and a garden earth spike - better. No ifs no buts. Everything better. (and under 30 quid the lot!)

NVA’s balanced mains units. YES better.
GIK room treatments - everything better.

and , distressingly , the sme V.

I thought, within the opening notes :

“Oh hell. That’s going to cost me”


that’s a new one on me !


Mikes is a Mk2, I have a Mk2 and a Mk4. The Mk2 was all pretty much hand made and both versions are outstanding arms,


not fair to say then :slight_smile:

thanks that’s very helpful.

I’m attracted to the WB because of what I read about the SAT but will never afford. Poor man’s SAT maybe.

The Zeta for me was a step up from an ARO , because it actually had bass depth (in my setup). I’ve heard the ARO can work, just not great on an LP12, which was where mine was.


anyone tried the funk firm arms ?

I believe resonance control was part of the raison d’etre ?