Interesting Speakers


Anyone come across these? AKG B-20E


Certainly interesting Dave, but it’s not a speaker I think



They were listed as speakers in Audiomarkt. Thanks Graeme.



Eww - bigly fugly…


Still can’t beat these for sheer bonkers looks IMHO.


Hiddy arse


I’d actually prefer these - being the best speakers i’ve ever heard. but space would be an issue…


Love the pallet-truck stand :smiley:


That’s a PA stack :unamused:


The bottom enclosure looks like a recycled Calor gas bottle!


Slap a bit of veneer on it and an LV badge. Sell it for gazillions.


You forgot to mention the turned solid brass enema funnel.


Because not enough speakers are inspired by hotel luggage trolleys.


Went along to Deco for a listen to the Axhorns, when Deco had them in their “showcase” room in Jsnuary. Not my cup of tea, I’m afraid, £48k a pair or not. Quite coloured (and I’m not referring to the red either) and not that clever with the complex jazz or orchestral music that I tried - maybe they still needed a bit of running in, to be fair.

I think the “bath” comparison above is probably the best way to describe them, very imposing tthough !


I think those sort of speakers only have to look interesting and cost a lot.


Dave “powerman” on audiokarma’s collection.


The first photo gets my OCD twitching :weary:


You spotted that too? Imaging will be all te fuck.


Odd number of kerbstones in the photo?