Interesting Speakers


Speaker array not balanced :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


New Wilson WAMM




Ha ! I’d have to lose the top half to fit it into the cottage :smirk:


Perfect, if you have $680k burning a hole in your pocket…:grin:




Aliens eat bald man…


They are probably brilliant if you own a £25M motor yacht and 5 houses around the world. Not aimed at short fat horn dudes from Luton.


I wish I could say that the rug really pulls the room together… :confused:


Those curtains should carry a 2 year sentence with no parole.


I’m entitled to think that someone who can afford those speakers can also afford an interior designer who’s colour palette goes beyond beige and style isn’t limited to suburban chintz.


Of course there is one that will suit both the rich yacht owner and the Luton horn dude


Fixt :+1:

Cut out all the fucking waffle Wayne. Interior designer, chintz? Colour palette?? :rolling_eyes: Who are you then?



Blue Electric Micromagic LuiLui PHY-HP Speakers


On offer at 10% of the rrp. :scream:


I’m 99% certain from reading articles previously that that is Dave Wilson’s living room. He may not actually be able to afford the list price on his own flagships…

Heard these at Munich last year. Fantastic for rock. 15" Bass unit.:sunglasses:


I’ll get some in when I’ve figured out how to move them about. :grinning: