Interesting Speakers


They’re rubbish! They don’t sound any better than cheap Logitech computer speakers!


Jon and I got the demonstrator to play Black Sabbath Paranoia!:skull_and_crossbones:




Fair play to the guys there, they were happy for me to stick anything on, and were pretty flexible with the volume too :smiley:


How do they compare to the smaller Direkt. I’m trying to talk Mrs Malbec that the Direkts are what are needed in the house. That or some ANs? Your thoughts please


Get a pair of both Hecos round, and she’ll love the direkts :+1:


They weigh 68.4 kilo’s and are 700mm wide.:roll_eyes:


Well, they do say that good things come in little bundles

But, that’s bollocks


How tall are you Paul? :wink:


Standing up or lying down?


Not much difference



Fairly interesting, if you like that sort of thing


Christ, he’s been trying to sell those for an age.


Has he? I didn’t know.

They’re of no interest to me, I just thought someone on here might be tempted



Only two and a half years ago.



It’s a lot of speaker, for sure


I think he took them off the market for a while, before resisting them.


Jaysus - they’re over £500. Who spends that kind of money on speakers? :grin: