Interesting Speakers


Indeed, my last pair cost £27 and the pair before £20. People are so wastfull with their money.


People who buy in haste and repent at leisure…


You’d need to be bonkers to have speakers that big in your house…




Looks like a budgie being garrotted


Apparently they are doing a set in green. Going to be called the Orville memorial speakers. Suspect they won’t fly off the shelf.



I haven’t checked it out but I fear form has trumped function here. Unless there’s some very good internal isolation indeed the idea of bolting your speakers, whose drivers move a lot, to the plinth which supports your turntable and arm, which would much rather stay still is, as Sir Humphrey would say, “courageous”. And if anyone should ever shut the lid on those four EL34s (maybe there’s a microswitch to turn them off if you do ?) then the vinyl will become one of Salvador Dali’s floppy clocks in no time at all. Still, it does look lovely …



Presumably it’s only me who isn’t seeing any EL34’s :grinning:

I guess the phono stage is some internal solid state affair supplied with the ProJect?

I like the concept but the price is ludicrous. I’m sure there’ll be many takers.


You’re right, they’re '84s of course. Set up to give 15W/ch they’ll still run hot, but there is a big vent slot below the back of the lid There’s also a 240W SS amp driving a sub apparently. But I can’t see where the druiver for that is. If it’s separate from the main unit then that would help a lot with the acoustic vibration.



In the 50’s we had a Gramaphone with valves and speakers etc and it played fine.


Will be at Munich at the De Luxe Show.
TotalDac D-150 Speakers. (The Horn is 800mm dia and 4" thick)


With subwoofers


and without wife, presumably.


Not necessarily…


Thems divorce-horns :laughing:


Christ, you lot are so feckkin wet! A complete lack of commitment to the cause…


They’re quite cute actually.

Till I checked the price out! :flushed:


Martin Logan Neolith


Don’t think I’ve ever heard logans before,any good?