Interesting stuff on the devil's shadow box


Planet Earth 2.


Nothing’s beaten the snakes from last week yet! :scream:


True, they were awesome…


I dunno, the golden eagle fight was pretty fucking amazing :heart_eyes:


Ibex were amazing. Thought the Fox was going to get one and it just fucked off up a vertical cliff, like it had magnetic hooves.

Eagle fight was just astounding too.




BluRay arrived today, thanks so much! :+1:


No problem- hope you enjoy it more than I did.


That’s a shame. It was really good on DVD.



Just finished the last episode of House.

Loved every one of them. Particularily when they were trying to hide chickens from security.

Ripper Street next.


From the beginning ie Series 1?


Well done! Have you seen Dexter or Bones? Both well worth watching. Despite it’s obvious sci-fi base, the remake of Battlestar Gallactica is excellent - it’s a great drama.


The remake of Battlestar Galactica really is excellent! Significantly better than the original, in fact, I think. It’s one of those series that I wish I could forget the plot twists from, so that I can watch it again, without knowing what will happen.


Haha, just slightly :smiley:


Agreed, I loved it!


What’s it on? Netflix?


It was never as good as Buck Rodgers.


You’re not wrong…


Where did her chest go?


Same place as her eyes by the looks of it