Liverpool Bake-off December 10th?


Fuck off with your pro-Luton anti-Liverpool bias you Bastards!




Actually, no. Welwyn is super posh. Welwyn Garden City OTOH… :confounded:


What does the C mean after Luton and Dunstable? :wink:


Cables. It’s the centre of the universe for foo…


On the A - E scale, both places got a C, which is pretty good in both cases, as they are shite holes.


Bob is not wrong on this occasion.


I didn’t realise that @stu was having a bake-off on December 10th. I may rearrange this for the New Year if numbers remain thin. The alternative would be in late Feb.


Wouldn’t worry to much Olan as we are a few hundred miles apart.


No problem. There are only 100 odd of us on AA so a few in Devon, a few in Liverpool and all the rest at work and weddings. I’d rather not cash in my Brownie points with the Mrs too soon. I’ll play this by ear for a while though.


Due to a change in plans I will need to cancell this. I’m hoping to rearrange for February or early March.