Logo competition


It’s come to our attention that our logo is somewhat lacking in character.

To address this, we are opening a competition. There are a couple of requirements:

Two logos are required, a small square one and a large rectangular one (between 5:1 and 3:1 aspect ratio). Minimum height of 100px. We can scale them.

We will take submissions and then create a shortlist which the membership can vote on.

Then we’ll choose the one the admins/mods like and use that.

First prize is a ‘NAM’ £3.50 breakfast.

Have at it and good luck!

We are trialling a new forum landing page

(Not a submission)






Wait a second

Do I have to buy them the breakfast?

Is this like a “win a date with…” type competition?



Basically, yes. We’ve sold you down the river.



The winner eats while I stare on, salivating and occasionally whimpering


We’ll just wait for you all to get the AA gags out of your systems.

Bear in mind that we’ll also be using this thread to decide on bannings.


I shall be wearing a poncho and ball-gag


You get tofu.




Should probably point out that there’s a time limit to finish the breakfast before I am unleashed from the poncho (ball-gag stays on)

Choice of 4 meat items and 6 non-meat



As with everything else, the answer is @Jim in a cape.


That looks far too much like Jeff Sessions for comfort