Logo competition


@unclepuncle You don’t want to go upsetting the Wam owner. They have a thread for dissing other sites now and you wouldn’t want to suffer the wrath of the Wam would you?


that’s the Star Trek film never made.


Logos, category landing pages, star of the week? You’ll be flogging us fucking tee-shirts next. Crap is good, just leave it.


I almost agree with this. We had achieved peak crap, but the dildo fingered Armageddon did away with all of that. I think we should forget all this logo and landing pads frippery and just delete the entire fucker and start again. This time with the intention of being resolutely mediocre with outbreaks of swearing, pork and unfortunately for us all, prog.


Edit: Gone


you owe me a zillion for breaching my copyright…


Is that a euphemism???





If only Wayne could run far enough he could do an AA shaped route on his interesting and highly informative running app.




Shit an AA shape in a bucket then.


Christ… that would mean me going back on the coffee and crabsticks. Not sure I’m that bothered about the logo :slight_smile:


I like the logo as it is.


I like everything as it is.

Reeks of corporate sell out to me.


Will there be Mega Meatmen status?


I’m offering UltraButcher status for a bargaintastic £375 incl VAT. I can do you a deal for cash though…


There will be a hierarchy:

  • Mechanically recovered meat
  • Black pudding
  • Haggis
  • Lamb shish
  • Bacon
  • Chateaubriand


Nope, has to be Mega something


Mega something is £POA. Comes with a fee weekend in Harrogate and a set of steak knives.