Logo competition


Was that bottom pic Selwyn Froggit?


Shame, the gaffer is inspiration personified



You are a very, very bad man :grin:.



Pet food Pete’s lawyers have been mobilised - prepare to have your ass shut down in 1,2,3,4 weeks, months or years.

Okay okay, prepare to have threats issued to shut your ass down :grinning:


What? its a fancy TT hat, we love them on here we do.


I hope somebody shuts Jims ass down before his bakeoff.

Even Red Adair would struggle capping that I suspect…if rumours of tinnitus inducing parps are anything to go by. :slight_smile:





This is going great.

If we follow the monkeys with typewriters theorem, we should have a logo around the year 3658 - roughly the same time as hoverboards.


We already have a logo. It’ll probably take until 3658 to agree that we need to change it. Then we will have whinging until 7359 about which was best. I’m looking forward to this :lying_face:


This is my fave, so far :thumbsup:


THIS one is the winner


Let’s face it, who are we trying to please here? Potential newbs, fresh meat?


Pleasing anyone implies some commercial imperative. Is that what Jon wants?

I didn’t think we had to please anyone. If people enjoy rooting around the site they’ll stay. If not they’ll go.

(By the way that logo incorporating a tepee is Rong on many levels.)


No, it’s shit.


Keeps you lot amused. :joy:


Ouch !


No, Jon’s already delegated the choice to the mods - so it’s us you’ve got to please…:grin:

Now get back to your photoshop pads, you feckin bunch of slackers! :angry: