Meat packaging


Deck chairs,pillow cases,duvets car seat covers etc…


Being the curtains to the meat-up, @Wayward can bring his scissors and we can challenge him to make an “IKEA suit” for @chelseadave, our own Mr IKEA, while blind drunk and with the meat sweats. YouTube fame beckons.


No, exactly the opposite! If the shoulder is so square that a thinner pad can’t be swapped in to accomodate then you are stuck with having to remove the collar and pick up the neck point front and back. This would also mean that the lapel would need to be lowered at the gorge seam. On a rtw suit there will be no provision to let out the shoulder end and even if you could it would then mean the sleeve would be short of crown and wouldn’t fit the scye (armhole). On a sloping shoulder the sleeves can be removed, the shoulder ends can be picked up and the scye deepened so that the sleeve can be put back in. Still a compromise actually because very probably the neck point would need to be moved ( crookened and collar off again) for a sloping shoulder and straightened for a square shoulder. There wouldn’t be any allowance for this in a rtw garment. All of this needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing mind and good luck with that!

Off the peg suits are actually shit but these days it doesn’t matter because EVERYONE wears I’ll fitting clothes.




Gimme a chance and I’ll get really technical. I was trying to simplify! :grinning:


And that it why you’re the tailor and I’m the tinker :grin:


Meat and curtains in the same sentence is a risky move on the AA


I fucking love corned beef


Me too!


A good analogy would be, if top class bespoke tailoring (a rapidly diminishing thing world-wide ) is Kondo, most ready to wear clothing is Steepletone, or actually the sort of stereo you might be offered off the back of a white van for a tenner in the back streets of Luton. Even the very well made stuff ( Brioni, Kiton, D’Avenza, top line Zegna) won’t fit properly unless you are EXACTLY the same shape as the fit model it was cut for in the pattern room. The world is full of shit clothes and cunts that call a collar “collars”. :joy:


An Ikea suit would be self assembly wouldn’t it?


So something we can only dream of aspiring to then?


Succinct :wink: :thumbsup:

That’s my LinkedIn headline sorted




Kind of a Twink, Muscle Boy and a Bear in one. Should see plenty action. :ok_hand:


You’ve made that word up, haven’t you ?



No. Crookened is the opposite of straightened.

The manipulation of the neck point of a coat (anything with sleeves is a coat) or the seat angle on a pair of trousers is called crookening or straightening depending on which way they are moved.

There is much antiquated jargon in the tailoring trade and it is still used… Just yesterday, my new assistant asked me if I had any mungo he could knock up a vest baste in. I told him all the cabbage was under the board and he may find some there.

He is a good lad but slow. I could probably improve productivity further if I could find a kipper and a good jumper. :grin:


Jon’s stomach after the op ?



I suppose you could wear Jon, much like Leonardo Dicaprio wears that horse in The Revenant.


Ah. You’re that kind of tailor by night? :wink: