Music Torture


Maroon 5


Elvis (both of them)


Grand Ol’ Opry style C&W
Morrissey and anything he is associated with
Rappy R&B
Autotune/Reality TV pop shit
The Beatles
Paul Simon
Aretha, Nina Simone
Snora Jones/Katie Melua/Duffy stylee bollocks
Any Audiophile girlie and guitar clunge
but mostly Reggae (although I reserve the right to add to the list later)


Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton
Robbie Fecking Williams (Jackie likes him though :unamused:)
Eric Clapton
Elton John
Cris De Burgh
Eric Clapton
Uriah Heap
Jethro Fucking Tull
Eric Clapton
Any shouty Murican female soul singer from the 1980s
Eric Clapton


You b’stard, I had forgotton about Chris De Burgh.


You forgot Tina Arena :unamused:




Rong :nerd_face:


Otis Redding? :frowning:


Blinkin Chemiclal Brothers - bloc rockin beats or owt by them really.
Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit.
Anything with an autotune on it.
Public Service broadcast.
Neds, Carter and all that 90’s Steve Lamacq indie wank.
Thats just for starters


Meh! Yoof no nuffink.


Pffft, old man likes prog shite = old man knows nuffin


All Jazz post-1950
Alanis ‘whinging droner’ Morissette
Eric Clapton (apart from 461 Ocean Blvd which is actually quite good)
All rap
All R&B
Breton folk music (if you don’t know it you’re lucky)
Almost everything that’s ever been in the UK charts
Everything that’s ever been in any other charts
Pretty much anything with a saxophone in it (with some obvious exceptions such as Walk on the wild side)
Lots of other stuff which will no doubt come to me later


No, no, no. Old man likes Post Rock donchaknow.


This. Absolutely this.


So RVW’s 9th symphony and the Shostakovich jazz suites are out?


Foo Fighters. Buffy Giro. James. Florence and that Machine.


Yep that is correct. Strayan addendum:
Tina Arena
Cold Chisel
Jummy Fucking Barnes
John Farnham
Mental As Anything
Joe Dolce
Powderfinger (utter gash)


I wish I could…


The Exploited, Anti nowhere league and all that nasty OI shite, 'twas fucking awful.