Music Torture


Depeche Mode - music for 12 year olds and people who never developed past that point.


You clearly have no taste at all then.

Am off to see them on Saturday.


Oddly enough, you’re not the first person to say that. There may well be something in it.


Anyone with a mullet



Not healthy Terry. You’ll come out in spots …



Newsflash, owners of expensive hifi don’t really like much music shocker :joy:


As much as I respect your vast experience, insight and witty interjections, the existence of the second movement of the 3rd symphony alone proves that you are Rong.


If only it were alone ! His fanbois in R3 Scheduling would then have to limit themselves to inflicting him upon us no more than a few times each week. But it’s not (waaaaaaaaaah !). He wrote pages and pages of stuff :grimacing: and much of it escaped the burning.

Anyway, simple existence proves nothing. This exists



That is truly torturous

I could only stomach 1 min.


The Violin Concerto is a lovely thing.


More than I could stomach of this (and that’s not her fault)



Close the thread, that wins


Man cannot live on prog alone. Except Terry, of course. Musical malnutrition, with wizards.


Paul McCartney after the Beatles and except for a couple of Wings songs.
Crazy Frog
Sheena Easton
The Osmonds
David Cassidy
Jimmy Fucking Osmond and that long haired lover from Liverpool shite
Christmas songs
Football songs done by football teams (except for Nice One Cyril)


Paul Weller
Rod Stewart
Simply Red
Fine Young Cannibals
James Blunt
Van Morrison


I was struggling to think of anything that I actively dislike, but you’ve found it for me.


Good call. Long on the torture, short on the music…


Next time I see you, I’ll make sure I have my Skyhooks LP.


That is OK, we already have some here. Jackie is Strayan. There is also Cold Chisel, and Powderfinger amongst other Strayan rubbish.

I do like TISM though…