Music Torture


Up down?




YES. The Prog Rock Group. :sleeping:



Anything involving Morrissey
Guns n Roses
Spice girls et al


Oh Christ yes, opera! The emperor’s new music. So many people deluding themselves that it has merit, when in fact it is utterly shite. Take a perfectly good human vocal chord, and do the most aesthetically unpleasant thing you possibly can with it, loudly, for hours. Shite.


Aw c’mon, tell me this doesn’t look like fun

and this isn’t beautiful

and this isn’t what the end of the world might sound like

(yes, yes, I know he didn’t call this one opera, but he wasn’t fooling anyone).



And to think people criticised Poland’s busty washer women at Eurovision a couple of years ago. It was actually high culture is what it was.


grime !!! can`t stand it


Thread Summation: I hate everything except stuff I like :rolling_eyes:



Irony alert!



^ “A squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag is fast and bulbous.”

40 yrs since I heard it, so some lyrics stick. :grimacing:


It isn’t long enough.
I always thought there was really something I wasn’t getting, loads of people I knew loved it but it did nothing for me. For years I tried it once a year to see if I ‘it’ would click.
Eventually a couple of years ago I sold my early pressing to JezR of this parish and have no intention of ever listening to it again.


I like it every now and then and when I do the kids absolutely love it! Alex especially, throws shapes that no human has ever got anywhere near. Or at least that is the impression he likes to make :joy:


I tend to play TMR at Christmas each year. It’s what John Peel would have wanted.


I am surprised by the lack of metal mentioned in this thread? Maybe my AAAC choice will jog people’s memory?


The guitar solos are especially “unique”


Ah - the musical balance achieved during Wayne’s session when he took over the turntable late on Saturday night at The Weekender - some absolute classics on vinyl, but also some utter dross :laughing: