New smart phone


we always use the WGC branch, and have never had a problem with returns, repairs (they lent Louise a phone when hers had to go back to Samsung). We get nice tariffs at renewal. I’d recommend them any day over dealing with EE directly.


Just bought an S8 from them and yes they are associated with CPW somehow. One of the guys in store said that they don’t own them though. Not bothered either way tbh.


from their website:, a trading division of The Carphone Warehouse Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”", are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy


Saved the best part of £150 on my S9 compared to O2. An extra 10 GB of data per month too.


O2 direct prices are stupid high. Would have cost me £20 a month more for the same contract from them. Who signs up to those prices.?


Ive got my new handset.
Thrilled with how it runs all the apps I use just like my old one.


Almost like you didn’t upgrade at all :heart_eyes:


Got a Huawei P10 Lite this week from CPW. All is good except the fucker wont pick-up any emails. I’ve went back to the shop yesterday to speak to the resident 12 yo gimp who knows about such stuff and spent an hour with him while he pressed many buttons and then announced…‘Nope, don’t understand why it won’t work.’

Last night the daughter, who is young and knows about such stuff, spent 3 fecking hours trying to sort it before announcing …‘Nope, don’t understand why it won’t work - best you take it back to the shop.’