New Year Bake - Saturday Jan 21st


One down, two to go! :yum:


Mark? Are you reading this?


Aye, I suppose so.


Well nobody dropped out, no surprise there. Anyhow you all have a great time and don’t drink and eat to much. :frowning:️:wine_glass:


Sub’s bench is strongest yet :smile:

Any chance of a replay ?


I’m going to another one now (come to think) cos’ Jim’s house isn’t big enough :slight_smile:



Beards. They’ve all got fucking beards.


More pics required :grinning:


Fully CE certified, apparently, although that will soon be a thing of the past…


Main system, no box swapping here.



Have fun all!

Hope to make it again some day, or that you can get to Germany before you’ll need a visum…



That looks interesting, :+1:


@murrayjohnson made it, using iron where any sensible person would use capacitors. It’s heavy… :heart_eyes:



Thoughts on Nob?


Ass crack ?



It sounded good, although in that system we have now swapped out both pre and power and it seems to be sounding better. The Kondo plus SJS seems to work really well with the Hecos.


Ann (and Pete) did us proud - beef stew, Pete’s chilli, cheese n onion baked mash, wild rice and the hawkeyed amongst you might just spot the veggies :laughing:


I can still taste Petes chilli from last year.

Dare I ask to see your puddings ? :slight_smile: