New Year Bake - Saturday Jan 21st


Nice one lads. If it’s any consolation, I had a shit time at the footy and froze my balls off.


So was there any conclusion on the Nobsound N77? Didn’t hear a direct comparison but then again, when they were switched over I don’t think anyone really noticed which probably means it’s pretty close.

Hard to tell with all that gash Phil was inflicting on everyone :grimacing:


I have always thought that a great preamp brings an amazing timbre and detail. This seemed to disappear when we put the Nob in the front system. In the back room, changes were made quickly, so we swapped both pre and power, but I thought that the M7/SJS worked much better.

That said, it was a cheap pre versus serious exotica. It’s great, tbh, even without considering just how much cheaper it was.


More or less word for word when Phil and I were talking about you yesterday :grin:


Thanks to Jim & Ann for hosting with the usual limitless hospitality. Thanks to Pete for driving and for the magnificent & complex Chilli. Thanks to Phil for the wine & Adam for the Sloe gin and of course Greg for the Brownies. They did raise a muffins v brownies question though. Which could Scalford charge more for?

All in all a fun day, nice to see everyone again.


Brownies for me every time but it seems the muffin is now the Ongaku of the HiFi meet bakery world.


Yep I thought the SJS was the star of the show - worked very nicely with the Heco’s.


Just got back. Huge thanks to Jim and Ann for a wonderful day. Some very, very nice sounds and some interesting learning too*. Steve (rmsshipbroker), Chris (thebiglebowski) and I slept over and I for one would like to add my thanks to Ann again for an excellent breakfast, and to the girls too for putting up so cheerily with us all.

I am worried about the neighbourhood though (note registration on the car, snapped just as I was leaving).


*e.g. Chris’s erudite and insightful analysis, just before bedtime, of the music of Emiliana Torrini :-).


Clearly a hifi dealer’s car then. It is Essex, is it not?


Did it have a pair of Heko Direkts in the back?


Y’know, I don’t think it did. I fear it was about to get the rear of a Merc Vito in the nearside front wing though.



Is that Ziggy Marley’s new Porch jeep parked opposite? :grinning:


Don’t be silly it looks nothing like an Audi Q5.




Fully expected to see the average sized Lebowski asleep next to the wall. Disappointing :slight_smile:




What happened in Jim’s front room stays in Jim’s front room. I can honestly say though that he was handing out industrial standard protective equipment to us before he went to bed. Beyond that my lips are sealed (unlike some I could mention).



I am so glad I drove home :grinning:


Wasn’t just lips that needed sealing :mask: