Nord/Hypex amps - anyone care to share experience?


Tried some in my main room once for about 30 mins, not very entertaining at all.
Go class A if you can.


The Nord room at Scalford a couple of years back was distinctly underwhelming. Didn’t take to them or the guy that makes them.

For what very little it is worth.


Try this instead


Pretty much made my mind up to stay with Class A this morning. The Usher had been on my list, based on a NP Threshold design I think, so not a bad pedigree. Based purely on what I have read (stupid i know) I favour the Gamut D200, trying to agree shipping at the moment for this one;


I think it depends on your taste and what you’re after. I used a class d amp to great effect with a pair of Quad ESLs. The presentation was somewhat cool and distant, sure, but it was wonderfully detailed and precise. That system was mainly used for my weekend morning chamber music listening, and it was great.


Had one on loan for 3 months a few years ago and was very much enamoured by it. Circumstances weren’t right, so I didn’t buy it.


One arrived here today.

Listening now and it is quite enlightening. Detailed, just this side of warm, great soundstage and the easiest amp for following individual melodies / instruments in the mix that I have heard.

Based on the Sure IRS2092 chipset; 2 X 200W, 4 X 10000uF caps in the supply, 500 VA tranny.

Early days yet but looking and sounding good. We’ll see.


I suppose I should change the title of the thread now…had some good feedback on these amps, and being a Class A design seems like a more suitable option.

I might be wrong, but feels like a longer term solution that would allow other components to come and go, including speakers.

Just trying to convince the guy to ship to UK insured.


I’ve been running Hypex based Kharma amps for a few years now.

They’ve been out to bakeoffs in the past and variously sounded good to pretty average. Really depends on the implementation as with any component in a hifi system. Sometimes it gels, sometimes it doesn’t.

What I can say is that I’ve been happy enough with them not to chase a change in my system and I’ve had some capable amps through, Dartzeel and Jeff Rowland for instance. They’ve been perfectly capable of highlighting changes in my system, be it the introduction of a £30k pre, tubes v ss or digital v analogue. I like what they deliver in my system, without doubt there will be those who’d listen and have a preference for a different presentation.

Don’t let a few comments from those who’d pronounce judgement because they’ve heard a class D amp in a system that didn’t work somewhere (probably from the back corner of the room) put you off. As with anything in this game you can only go by listening within the context of your own system


Thanks for taking the time to post your experience, not going to discount the Nord just yet, as you state is about the context of the system also. Op-amps and a valve pre/dac may contribute the balance I am after, hoping to demo more kit at home in the next week, and visit some forum members to educate myself a bit more on what is out there.


Interesting, but I have heard your amps three times and never liked them.


I would definitely let people who prefer class A put you off class D amps. Particularly if your own preference is class A :slightly_smiling_face:


Boom !


Tish :innocent:


These have been reduced mmmm
Look at this on eBay:

For Sale are my Impulse H6 Horn Speakers in V.V.G.C. and sounding SUPERB.


I’ve got Impulse Ta’us so its traditional to encourage others down the Impulse path. However, as clean as those look I do think they’re a touch overpriced. There is a ‘Make Offer’ button though that must be tempting…


Though not in-situ in the home system. Three systems you didn’t like, seems a bit hasty to blame the amps.

Example, the bottom end was never the most fulsome via the EMM cdp but has filled out considerably with the introduction of an SP10, I know some attributed the clean and lean character to the amps.

Scalford likely offered the closest approximation to my home system as it was. Comments after went from glowing to mehh… nothing wrong with preference!


Heard yours at Scalford along with Bedcovers system who had the same speakers. OK his was a TT based system and yours was CD, but the amps were different and the sound very different (neither was a sound I would go for). I have also heard them at another guy’s house when I bought his turntable and meh was the kindest thing I could say.

Owning class D has not be a pleasureable experience for me as two of the amps I have owned have seriously failed and became door stops as the cards were not available any more. Strangely the only class D amp that I still own and still works is a KingRex DAC/Amp I use for work as it’s small.


We’re all missing the main point here: Jerry likes them, therefore they’re fucking shite.


Not quite sure he uses them any more.

Gone old crap 1970s Philips and Nobsound class A I believe.

Getting bored with this discussion, just get the D200 and have done with it.

Try a cheap 1980s Myst TMa3 integrated against the Hypex for an evening and I am 99% certain you’ll be happier with the Myst.