Northampton bake - Sat 22nd April


All the Allen screws that get between you and the valves. Dave wanted them out in the fresh air.



Triode strapped EL34 drivers?


Yes, cathode followers, direct coupled, so the 211 biasing is done at the EL34s. By a microprocessor.





Nice :sunglasses:


Thanks for an enjoyable bake-off Nick.

Good food, decent music, great company and some half decent kit.:heart_eyes:

The LCR was much smaller than I anticipated but was sounding superb.
Only the lack of a blinding blue LED on the power supply prevents it from looking totally professional.:wink:


Thanks for a great afternoon Nick.

System sounded great with vinyl, cd and tidal. It was good just to relax and listen without lots of kit swapping. The coco phonostage looks even better in the flesh and is so smooth :heart_eyes:

Excellent chilli and usual top brownies from Gregg.


Many thanks to Nick, for looking after us, so well.
The system sounds better than ever.
The little phono stage was a nice addition.
Lovely day!


Good to see everyone. I was properly impressed with the BTJ :heart_eyes: Ironic that no one bought any vinyl :grin: Respect to Pete, he has done an amazing job.

A pity Jim couldn’t make it. All the best to Anne Jim. Hope she is feels better soon.


Thanks Nick for a great Bake off. I really enjoyed the music, company and the chilli was superb with plenty of cakes. The Coco LCR did sound great with the type of smoothness and a total lack of harshness. And Chelsea beat the Spuds! Result.


All the best Jim, you were missed… we all managed a turn sitting in the sweet spot :smile:


Aww, I have a sweet spot for all of you guys :kissing_heart: