Northants BBQ bake - Sat Aug 12th


Thanks Nick for a great day. Good company, music and food. The BBQ was crisp but tasty. Your garden is fantastic, well done.


Thanks Nick for a lovely day. Your system sounded the best I’ve heard it even with the shite that Edd put on! You’ve done a magnificent job with your patio and garden but I do think that you need a lot more practice cooking on the barbecue. :slight_smile:


Pictures don’t do them justice!


Thanks to Nick for a very pleasant day - even the sun came out in time for the bbq.

With Coco absent I did my best to help Nick with the cooking and I had read that blackened salmon is a very trendy dish and so the meat was cooked along similar lines - that char was deliberate you know.:stuck_out_tongue:


Please excuse my ignorance, but what are the (very cool) speakers?


Gershman Avant Garde.


Gershman Avant Garde.


Thanks for your help Paul. Much appreciated.
It was not such much a cooking experience but more of a ritual burning.


Charcoal is good for the digestion.


Nice - thanks guys.


Probably helped filter Jims wind


Great day thank you Nick


Thanks Nick and the guys…I had a nice day with pleasant company ,Nick’s newly landscaped garden looked ace and whilst the b/bq was slightly burned it still tasted good .
The Hifi had limited use but what I heard sounded good …
Many thanks Micky


Stopped to use the loo on the way home guess Mickyricky beat me to it!!





Works for dogs but…


Great bake off, thanks for hosting Nick.


He can’t help it, he is a golfist.


How did it sound? I remember really enjoying those Gershman speakers last time I was there


Even better than the last time you heard them!