Northants - Saturday 11 March


~OK I will bring plenty of rolls


Yes please Pete. I can bring a Line Stage and some Fino jumper and power cables.


I might be too late but yes please Pete.


Put you on subs bench Ian, two to confirm and normally a couple drop out so most likely you wll be in.


Pete - as I can only stay for a few hours due to the dog I’m happy to drop out if it’s oversubscribed. Doesn’t seem fair for me to take up a place if someone wants to come all day.
Still more than happy to come over and help move and set up the Fino’s in the living room one evening or first thing on the Sat morning, just let me know.


Thanks Paul. Just pop over for a couple of hours, not everyone will be here the full time in any event. Will give you a shout nearer the time about setting up, I would appreciate some help.



I think I have the Fino jumpers Pete and gave you my Ascendo pair by mistake. I also have some bog standard power cables as well.


I should be able to help out moving the Finos Pete. If you want me to pop over earlier in the week or pre 11 am on the day.


The only thing I miss about living somewhere so remote is events like this. Have a great time guys!


Thanks Nick. Will let you know if help needed


Haven’t you got a helicopter? :grimacing:


I was hoping you might bring a turntable or three :smile:


Great, we can swap over.




You and me both Paul.


I think there should be a live video link for those not able to attend…


With a fartcam.




Is everyone still ok for next Saturday. Will pm address and parking info.

Lounge system taking shape
Uno Finos
Power amp - unclepuncle
Pre - Myrman, Chelsea Dave

Anyone not like pork?


I could bring my Meitner DAC and Cyrus transport. I also have a Trilogy 907 MM/MC phono stage.