Northants - Saturday 11 March


Sorry, can’t make it now, forgot about a birthday lunch for my dad.


Nagra is always available…


No worries Chris


Plus training course. :nerd_face:


Sounds good Ian


Nice one


Sorry, I can’t make it as I have to work Saturdays for the foreseeable future, I am not a happy bunny.


Work bummer.


I could bring the AcousticPlan Vadi CD Player if you like?


Sounds good Dave


I’ll see if Paul can bring the Modwright


…and don’t forget the puck this time…:stuck_out_tongue:


I can bring the Starlight CD with discrete DAC.


I am OK for it still


Will bring Nicks Modwright preamp and my power amp - do you need cables as well (mains, interconnects, speaker etc).

Are we setting up the Nano’s on Saturday morning?

Might have to disappear for a couple of hours around lunchtime to see to my dog.


Great, thanks.

I have some 2-4 speaker cables.

Extra i/cs would be handy.

I was hoping to move the speakers on Friday evening if you or Nick were ok to help.



Great, are you ok to bring some baps?

Thinking pork and apple sauce. Lettuce for those on a diet :smile:



Friday evening is fine with me.

Will bring some cables and mains leads just in case.


Thanks Paul


Do you have a source for the lounge system so we can set it up and dial the speakers in on Friday.

Can bring a cheap Sony CD spinner with me which will suffice until Jims Nagra shows up - though Nick probably has something more suitable if he can make it on Friday.