Northants - Saturday 11 March


Have a great day everyone, and safe journey to those who are travelling.


Crawling around on my hands and knees had positive results for a change.:grin:


I have put my BL Audio pre amp and DW phono stage - Both battery in the car just in case a change is fancied


Where are you going to find them then? :laughing:


Surely you need an experienced audiophile for a job like that?


Massive thanks to Pete and his wife for hosting a tremendously enjoyable bake-off.:innocent:

Two great systems (at least there were until I had to take my power amp home :blush:), good music, loads of banter and an utterly fabulous lunchtime spread, featuring stunning home made cheese straws, roast pork, roast potatoes, pies, pate, pickles and some beautiful fresh rolls and bread from Adpully.



Great photos! :rolling_eyes: :grinning:


They didn’t do any hifi stuff, just filled their faces and watched the rugby.


Sounds great to me, apart from the egg-chasing, but each to their own I suppose.


There was absolutely no rugby, or any other TV.


Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day. So far I have gained enough cakes and buscuits to keep me going for a month plus two tea towels and a ricoh camera.

Big thanks to Paul for helping set up and to Mark for helping put everything back.

Have a list of albums to buy.

Bad news is I now need an M7 in my life. :sob:


How did the M7/Ongaku gig go?


Great Hospitality from Pete and Erica who put on a fantastic spread of food including some lovely looking puddings. Many thanks first to them. Two very very decent sounding systems were working going all day in great rooms. Also thanks to all the AA members who attended and helped make it another great AA bake off. There were some stonkingly good looking (and sounding) CD players being demoed today.

Oh sorry Pete the camera is mine.


Presumably rather well.


Thanks Pete for an excellent day. The food was great as was the company. I definitely ate too much. Enjoyed both systems a lot too.


I thought so.


I forgot the pudding - Pete’s hand made fruit crumble did Mary Berry proud. :+1:t2:
And of course the obligatory chocolate brownies from Greg - awesome.



I am now even more gutted that I could actually attend today. The shifts changed AGAIN at the last minute. Oh, well.


Thanks to Pete and family for hosting a great bakeoff. Two excellent sounding systems, plenty of great food, mostly good music and sparkling conversation.