Northants - Saturday 11 March


Many thanks to Pete and Erica, for letting us into their lovely home, and garden.
Pete did a cracking job on the pork, cheese straws, fresh baps, lovely puds, two great sounding systems, and some really good cd players.
Lots of listening to music, and the odd bit of banter.
Great session.
Thanks again Pete!!


An outstanding day. Lovely grub served up by Pete and Erica. The standard at these bakeoffs is ridiculous now (if you are popping in next week I’ll buy you something from Greggs).

Listened to two lovely systems, did a bit of Avantgarde tweakery for Pete, which will hopefully set him off in the right direction. They sounded very open and unfatiguing with Dave’s Acoustiplan CD player and Paul’s F1/Nick’s MW pre.

In the LV/Ongaku room, the lovely Luxman CD player made me pine a bit for the format. It’s a great machine - I might get one just to watch the tray go in and out.

The M7 into the Ongaku was very interesting. There seemed to be noticably more wallop, heft and presence used in this configuration, whether this was at the expense of some subtlety is difficult to say. I certainly enjoyed it on the material I heard.


Cheers Andy.

Thanks for baking the baps, went down a treat.

Drop me a pm, we will have to work out getting camera back to you. Could meet halfway.


Thanks for helping and bringing the great brownies Gregg.


The tweaks on the Finos really helped. Will try them again with these settings.

The M7 definitely gave the system more grip and oomph.


Cheers Pete for a brill afternoon.Great company, food and two very interesting systems.

Initially, I preferred the big room system with the Acousticplan CD, Modwright pre, Firstwatt power and AG Finos, probably because it sounded like what I’m used to. It was further improved after Mark twiddled with the knobs on the back of the horns - the mid/top integration was much better. Pete’s homebrew CD player also sounded good when swapped in - not much to choose between it and the Acousticplan.

The other system of Luxman CD, Ongaku and LVs unsurprisingly was much warmer (as was the room! :grinning:) but still sounded lovely. The addition of the M7 made quite a difference though - I thought the Avro Part choral music sounded pretty damned impressive!

Really nice house and a beautiful garden Pete :heart_eyes: thanks again for a smashing bake :+1:




Thanks Pete for an absolutely first class bake off unfortunately I at my cake ration for the next six months. The food was delicious and the music and systems first rate. The Fino’s sounded better than when I owned them thanks to Mark’s magical music fingers. The AcousticPlan CD player was sounding good as well (it’s the sound I prefer) and I have bought several new albums that Ian and Gregg. Great house and garden great music great food. Bliss. And a special shout out for Erica. X


Are they available for hire?


He performed a miracle like that bloke with fishes and loaves.


Yes, they are similar to the Monty Python teeth.



The only one I took


That looks adequate


I presume the bucket is some Kondo sourced resonator designed to deal with difficult room nodes and cunningly designed to look like a bucket for avant-foo reasons.


Hipster reasons.:hugs:


I just assumed Touch of Cloth must have attended…


Mucho silver face-plating going on :thumbsup:

Not quite as sexy as gold but infinitely better than black.


Cannot be bake-off. No visible butt crack.


Tying the finos again today. Sounding great with Ryan Adams Gold, whisper it but I think ol magic fingers may have tamed the beasts :open_mouth: