Notes from a remote island


Work is progressing well. For that I have to thank my mate John, who has come up here for a fortnight to help me get this knocked off (and kindly brought my Dad with him)

We have had discussions about coupling/non-coupling the inner walls to the stonework and we both see merits in either approach. John was a church organ builder (renovating the Albert Hall organ is on his CV) so knows a bit about sound, reflections, absorbtion etc.

My preference is still not to couple and after tomorrow/Thursday it will be too late as the plasterboard will be starting to go on.

Anyone with more thoughts on this?


For what it is worth Paul, any job I have been on such as barn conversions etc that have similar constuction to yours, the studs have always been connected to the stonework.


Thanks Stu, but, have they been ‘music rooms’ or just dwelling rooms?

Also, bear in mid that the short i.e. side walls, are only 6 feet high, so strength isn’t an issue, just acoustic properties. This will be exclusively for hifi so no other considerations are being considered.

Did I say consider more than once there?


Dwelling rooms mainly I would have thought. I don’t have the slightest acoustic knowledge but my instinct would be to couple. The larger walls at least.

Either way it’ll be reet I’m sure.


Yes you did. :slight_smile:

You also said mid instead of mind.


No, that meant there was a bear in the middle of the house as I was typing :flushed:


It will really help tie the room together that. :slight_smile:


Might keep @Jim away from the prime listening position.

There again…


On the upside…he’ll not be sporting the daisy dukes up there!


You never know. Mind you, if Maddie and Hildur start snapping at the crotch he’ll soon revert to trousers


Would be a brave bear to compete for that spot.

Perhaps you should construct a suitable combat pit for the purpose of solving such positioning disagreements.

You could use your woodwork skillz to fashion some interesting weapons, and for extra blood letting chuck in some surplus chisels or plane blades.


Building an ejector seat and installing an extractor fan would possibly be sufficient precautions.



Yer think?


Only for visitors who hog the sweet spot of course.


I am here, you know :angry:


I’m not sure I see any downside to coupling. But since you’re using such thick plasterboard I guess there won’t be much benefit.

Could you rig up something - effectively like a long screw - that you can add after the plasterboard, to test after install? You could do A-B tests with measurements :wink:


Are you not putting insulation between the studs? Just insulated plasterboard?
I think you will have plenty of strength in the walls, without coupling.
I would throw all the insulation I could get in there, in the walls


It your going to infill between the studs, BAF wadding (bonded acetate fibre) has much better acoustic damping than rockwool (glass fibre) :thumbsup:


Just insulated plasterboard. 12mm plasterboard bonded to 50mm Kingspan/Celotex type insulation


I think you will regret that. I don’t think you have anywhere near enough insulation.
I understand getting supplies is a problem, and you can’t just run down, and get what you need, but, when you have the chance now, with a bit of a delay; at least, no regrets.