Notes from a remote island


The lack of parallel walls is absolutely fantastic for sonics. Reflections etc can usually be managed with decor, but standing waves are tricky. You should be pleased!


A backhanded compliment if ever I heard one. :slight_smile:


I am pleased with the lack of uniformity in the room, I’m just moaning about the extra ballache of having to deal with it.

I’m about knackered now, having been working in there for around 9 hours a day for the last 7 days, but I’m not stopping now. The lure of getting to hear some music is a strong incentive.


Old back door which is hanging by a thread!

Ripped out

New door installed, waiting for glass

Didn’t order the double glazed glass panels until I was happy it fitted…


Fucking show-offs and their carpentry skillz…



Got about a third of the roof insulated and plasterboarded. About an average of 2" taper on each one, in all directions :angry:

Need to start thinking of running in cables for lights and sockets soon, before it’s too late!


Lots more plasterboard up but too shattered to go out and take any pics!

Running cables tomorrow. One question…

Am I better running a ring main for the hifi or radials? Probably doesn’t make a shit of difference I know, but thought I would ask before I do it. I have enough cable for either.

Incidentally, I have a separate consumer unit in this room fed from the main meter and a spare 16a supply purely for the hifi, so I may as well keep it exclusively for this. Voltage measures 237v on average, so no issues there I wouldn’t have thought.


Radials are always my preferred method if only for easier fault finding …load will be minimal I presume?


Well yes, it’s just for the hifi. Tiny current for everything (except Coco’s 16 terawatt amp) :laughing:


Have you considered other power sources? Guy runs half of Devon with his rowing machine. Stronzetto is a fantastic source of solvent hybrid Methane. Could you harvest Nordic winds or run the whole thing off peat?


Given their ubiquity, I think rabbit farts would be my preferred source of fuel.


I think I’d vote for radials too, given a choice. Mains cabling should all be low impedance so, to be honest, neither radials nor a ring should be particularly noisy. But with radials you can keep anything which might generate electrical hash (kit with motors, kit with RF capabilities e.g. wi-fi, fluorescent lights etc) on more separate wiring from the hi-fi. Even keeping as large a physical gap as possible between the hi-fi wiring and the rest might help a bit. And I’d try to avoid creating any earth loops if you don’t have to (to be fair if you’re using radials then these tend to arise where you have a need for cross-bonding to domestic plumbing etc and I don’t imagine you’ll have any of that out there).



All (LED) lighting will be on a separate circuit. The circuit for the hifi will be exclusive. There will be a third, completely separate circuit for any other appliances.

Final checks/testing will be done by a qualified electrician before it is switched on!

Seems like radial wins. More cable, but I have it here, so no problem there.


Don’t forget to use gold fuses to make the sound betterer :thumbsup:


Were the rolls of cable left out in the winter for that special northern cryo treatment?


My mate John goes home tomorrow, but he’s helped me break the back of it in the last fortnight.

All of the first fix wiring is complete and the majority of the plasterboard is fixed.

The big (and heavy!) panels are done, just piecing in with the offcuts now, so I’m able to do that without a second pair of hands.

A lot of finishing to do which will take a few weeks, but the next challenge is the floor.


Having friends visit to help you out is very commendable. At lease non-hifi friends won’t argue with you about what will sound best!
As I like you Paul and wouldn’t want to fall out I think I will wait until everything is finished before paying a visit :grinning:


You’re too kind Kevin :smile:


Peat cutting day one.

Arrived at our peat bank on Unst at 8:30am. Lovely day (excuse the crappy phone pics please)

Looking back towards Fetlar from the bank

Well, it was hard work and I mean fucking hard work! However, we have half of what we need for the winter (hopefully!)

Going back Friday for another full day cutting. After that it will be a couple of weeks before we can stack them properly, then 4 or so weeks (weather dependent) before we can bring them home.


I love the smell of Pete burning. Coconuts smell the same too