Notes from a remote island




But does the Shetlands have a sufficient pork supply to sustain Brent Jim’s gas production?


Haha! I’ve just checked which gas field is nearest to Fetlar, and it’s Frigg. So it would be Frigg Jim, instead of Brent Jim.


Perhaps you should get out a bit more. Take the dog for a walk…


Stuck in the office, not much to do because I have already sorted next weeks staffing and resource plan. If it stops raining I might go out and do some safety checks on the posties. If not, I’ll disappear onto the sorting floor and pretend to do checks on there, to avoid anyone dumping their work on me. My life is just the most exciting… :scream:


Walk round with a clip board, watch a group working for while, then look at your watch, make a note and move on.


No one really in to watch. I’ll have the clipboard, but pretend to inspect the delivery duties frames. I probably will actually have to tidy up a bit, so I’ll drag that out as long as possible, kicking post trays around a bit, while moaning loudly about lazy, untidy bastard posties.


If the rain stops and you need to safety check the posties, couldn’t you catch up on the cricket, tennis, cycling, forty winks or self administered stress relief somewhere nice and quiet? Not that you should or would, mind you. Just hypothetically speaking :innocent:


and you seemed to have missed the bit about there being no gas supply on Fetlar (or indeed anywhere in Shetland)


Unfortunately I have to fill in forms and then speak to whoever I’ve just checked to provide feedback so going to the pub is a no no, unless I can find a few posties relatively quickly, then I might be able to lose an hour or so after checking them. Still raining though, so am going to pretend to do indoor checks.


Haven’t you got a drilling rig? I’m sure you could soon knock one up :thinking:


If you come across any ancient oak trees in the peat I’ll come and take them off your hands. Useless things they are, consider my removal effort an early Christmas present.


Only found two, so far. Cut them up for firewood.



Why not start a petition on You’ll have it by winter then :+1:


Lol, they’ve been asking for it for years. Ironic when you think that we have one of the largest oil and gas terminals in Europe at Sullom Voe


Music room conversion is taking back seat for a while, I promised Lou that I would turn the crappy front porch into something a little more aesthetically pleasing.

So, I have to sort this out

No, not Hildur (who was one year old yesterday) but the monstrosity of a porch in the background. I’ve got tongue and grooved timber cladding to re-cover the exterior walls and a new double glazed window for the front. Five days work I reckon - weather permitting - should see it done.

Inside, just new skirting boards a liquid DPM for the floor (it is actually very dry, but it’s just a belt ‘n’ braces approach) and a repaint.


Are you staining or painting the wood. Grey would look good I reckon.


It is treated pine and fairly dark to start with, but I’ll bow to Lou’s opinion as to the finished colour.

She’s into satin black atm :roll_eyes:


Does the vestibule lead to a twin sweeping staircase down which one can flounce in cinematic abandon?
I have heard country piles often have a great hall in which prize hunting trophys can be displayed. I am concerned as to the whereabouts of the 'purple cape, jims sandals, Stu’s last Astra and Mr. MWs’s libido which has been quite mute these last few months.


Sadly not. However the items you are missing may be in the underground Funzie vault, I’ll check tomorrow.