Notes from a remote island


More likely kick my head in :worried:


Bloody marathons…would struggle to cycle one, could probably eat a Snickers though.


Took advantage of the good weather over the last few days and got started on the ‘fuel store’ the peat should be dry in 3 weeks or so which means I have to get a home built for it (and the wood and the coal)

Cladding should arrive on Friday so it needs to be ready for then.


Jeebus, you’re a good hand!


Excellent work Paul, Funzie’s adult gazebo looks just the ticket. Apparently there is a story waiting to be told here (I sincerely hope Mr. MWS doesn’t read this and get creative) :


Beautiful day today, so went to Unst for the day. Checked on the peats which are drying nicely then went to the lovely Norwick beach.

The ‘girls’ had a blast

Maddie powering through the water



Hildur was a little unsure, so just practiced in the shallows


They both enjoyed it though


Great pic.


Another glorious day here, so back onto the fuel store. Timber finally arrived, so got most of the walls done

If the weather is ok tomorrow (as is forecast) should get the walls finished and then a start on the roof.


I do like looking at trusses.


More than I love making them, I suspect :wink:


Have you got ventilation built in?


There will be eaves ventilation


As an ex roofer they look good to me :thumbsup:


Can you nip round and put the slates on then? I’ve never done it before.


Easy, just start at the top and work your way down.


If only…


How’s the hifi room coming along?
Or has the fuel store taken priority now we’re on the wrong side of the year?