Very sad, though his innings was decent. His intelligent, perceptive and quietly enthusiastic film shows in the second half of the 70’s were among my favourite viewing.



My sister named her two cats Barry and Norman after him.


I met him once, he came to do a feature on a museum I had been working at, he was introduced and asked what my involvement had been. He had absolutely no interest in my subject and I knew he wouldn’t so I kept it very short. Nevertheless he feigned interest and was polite and gracious.
He smoked a pipe non stop except when he was on camera.

I used to enjoy his TV shows.


An end to a brave fight. Today I shed a tear for Bradley.



So sad. RIP Bradley.


This is very sad news, he touched the hearts of so many. RIP Bradley.


Martin Landau was a massive part of my childhood with Space 1999.

Was terrific in Crimes and Misdemeanours


Gone to Moonbase Alpha. RIP Commander Koenig :frowning_face:


Chester Bennington FFS.

Might as well go and put the whole back catalogue on.

Chester Bennington - RIP

RIP Chester :frowning_face:


What I’m about to do.

RIP Chester, you’ll be badly missed here


G. Yunupingu, the finest indigenous Australian vocalist of his generation passed away after a long illness. There is an announcement here.

The only one of his records I could find on TIDAL was ‘His life and music’, recorded with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It is well worth giving this a listen.

Bit sad about this. He was only 46.


Gurrumul was a creative force. A very talented individual.


RIP Gurrumul. I was listening to a CD of his just yesterday. Great singer and musician. Such a shame.
Obit here


RIP Richard E Lord of REL, a man whom many have to blame for having a subwoofer in our front rooms


Sam Shepard has died age 73.


I really enjoyed his performance in Bloodline.


A fine actor



They’re dropping like flies


Shame both great actors - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy remains one of my all-time favourite programmes.