Glen Campbell has passed.

Superb guitarist. First concert I went to was in 1967 in Toronto to see him.


Shame, I wasn’t a massive fan, but really enjoyed some of his offerings.



I wasn’t either really. More a fan of the Jimmy Webb songs he recorded.


Indeed, a supreme song writer.


Kind of a blessed release for him I think, he had alzheimers and only recently completed a farewell tour, could sing and play guitar right to the end.

I love Wichita Lineman, one of my favourite songs, I don’t care if it’s cheesy…


Nothing cheesy about it at all - it’s simply a great song as is By The Time I Get To Phoenix. His work with Bobbie Gentry was superb as well .:+1:


He earnt a living as a guitarist before meeting up with Jimmy Webb

I have this in my collection, there is some excellent 12 string playing on it.


A genuine heavy heart at Glen Campbell passing, loved his interpretation of Jimmy Webb songs and that one liner in Wichita Lineman - ’ and I need you more than want you ’ , used it a few times myself and got the right result, thanks Glen and Jimmy.


I’m sad he’s gone :frowning_face:. He was a huge talent and made a lot of people very happy.



Likewise. Sad that he’s gone but it would be blessed relief. His last interview was painful to read. He could still remember the words but lost track of time. Sad for such an accomplished performer.


Would never have thought of him playing like this, but it’s a snippet of why he was invited on so many recordings as a guitarist.


IIRC he was a sought after session musician. He and a few others were referred to as the Wrecking Crew. Common knowledge was him touring with the Beach Boys as a stand in for a member, can’t remember which one.


Brian Wilson.






There was a hoax beginning of the week that Brian Wilson had died, I thought JB was saying he was dead.




Brucie has gone…


The generation game was a regular watch in the 70s.


He was a canny age ! I think we all expected this news due to his deteriorating health…
Yes he was a good all round entertainer in his time …