Official: Mibby is an Audic*nt


No, downhill in neutral…


I can only assume that most modern cars are designed to remove any joy from driving, prior to the introduction of cars that drive you around.


That was on the road. I got ~8mpg at the Nurburgring,


That’s what I call keen driving :+1:


No comment needed :grinning:

I hope the last sentence is aimed at Jim our caped crusader.


Have you seen the latest Audi advert portraying all other road users as clowns?
Cheeky feckers!
Yours disgustedly
A Volvo driver


Not-very-interestingly, yesterday, whilst touring around with a carload of Strayans, I had a Audicunt toot me because I wouldn’t go through a red light at some roadworks on a country road. It was approaching a blind bend but Mister A5 decided that he needed to get moving, so insisted I jump the lights. Needless to say, I waited for the lights to change and accepted my fate of having him climb all over my bumper around the tight curves which followed.
When we eventually arrived at a relatively straight section, he went to overtake me but (unfortunately) my foot slipped and I accelerated slightly and suddenly there wasn’t enough space to overtake. Shame.
Still, he managed to overtake me eventually and we met up in the Waitrose carpark in Thame. He couldn’t squeeze into a park which I reversed into easily (for those who don’t know, I drive a Mazda 6 Tourer). Narelle took great amusement watching him struggle with the simplest manoeuvres trying to park his Ubercuntenwagen. He couldn’t park to save his life and as his second circuit of the carpark was clearly causing him heart issues, he exited the carpark.
Oh, how we larfed.
More cunt, less speed.




Vorskin Derp Technik


These are the fucking worst.


Oh dear, that should have read ’ I hope the last sentence isn’t aimed at Jim our caped crusader '. The poor lad gets enough shit - apparently after a good fart.


This is true, no more than I deserve though, I suppose :grin: