Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)




I live about 200 metres from a school and on tuesday there was an accident on the roundabout, I’d only just missed it but stopped as a kid was unconscious on the ground and I always keep a sleeping bag in the boot. The driver who saw it said it was a mother driving the big VW Toureg didn’t stop at the roundabout and knocked the kid on the bike about 5 metres, he said she had a coffee in her hand at the time and two kids in the back.

I live on a new development and there is a big road going into it next to the school, it used to be the lodge entrance for an old estate. I get so fucked off in the mornings with mothers double parking and blocking the road because they are talking to each other through the car windows. Stupid fuckers also have a habit of dropping off the kids off at the entrance as it is wide where the old gates are and then just pull straight out without looking to see if there if anyone coming from inside.

Utter cunts.


Yep, I see that too, and you can bet it’s some utterly fucking inane chat about Gemma’s test scores or Alfie’s PE kit which we won’t mind waiting to conclude. Of course not.

Until you’ve done the school run a number of times you haven’t seen peak bad driving and parking. I thought it was an exaggeration, but it’s not.



I could be wrong but I’m guessing someone who uses a wheelchair probably doesn’t drive one of these.




Don’t need to be confined to a wheelchair to have a disabled badge, there are many qualifying conditions, most of which don’t automatically preclude which car you choose to drive.


Yes I know that. My aunt for one who is partially sighted thanks to macular degeneration uses disabled parking bays. She doesn’t drive a two-seater sports car either.


Has she been offered Lucentis injections?


Reminds me of the Billy Connolly story where he jokingly tells his dad that they have now invented a prescription windscreen for cars and he bugs him for weeks after to get him one.

Of course it’s funny when he tells it.


I don’t know. In fact it might not be macular degeneration but she is definitely losing her sight. I remember implants of some sort being mentioned but it sounded like a temporary treatment which could only be done a limited number of times. I do admire her determination to not let it get in the way of doing the things she wants.


She doesn’t drive anymore but does get the badge. Yes, I can imagine the Big Yin telling that gag much better. :grin:


More precisely it needs to be wet macular degeneration - its a fantastic sight saving treatment, it would be worth investigating whether she might be a candidate. It’s been out a few years now but not every ophthalmology departments in hospitals offer it.


If that is her diagnosis I’ll mention the Luncentis injections. The last time we spoke she said she was on the biggest font setting on her Kindle and just managing. Needless to say I never miss my annual retinopathy eye screening (T2 sugar disease, well-controlled).


I was offered it once by mistake (unexplained records mix-up at the local eye hospital where I go to have my diabetic retinas checked once in a while). In passing I discovered the difficult position about the costs of Lucentis. As I understand it the drug is in fact a very slightly modified version of an existing drug which has passed clinical trials for another purpose and is now out of patent. The makers put Lucentis through the approval process for treating macular degeneration and the NHS uses it because it’s their practice always to use an approved drug if one exists. The other drug works just as well (the modification was only made so that the new drug was different enough to be patented - it has no pharmacological effect). The price difference is unbelievable - my memory may be failing me but I recall the existing drug to be available at roughly £20/dose compared with Lucentis at well over £700/dose. Big pharma. Don’tcha just love 'em.



At a hospital in the South West I streamlined the referral pathway for WMD. At the same time I shamed the drug company into paying for training and giving the hospital drugs at cost for two years (then we switched to the generic).


In glorious Leamington Spa apparently.


An Audi, mounted by a Volkswagen, being watched intently by a BMW. Always knew German cars were pervy.


Why is there a nurse raking out the inside of the VW? Not that I object or anything, but it is odd…