Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)



M’eh fucking Daily Mail spam spoiled my enjoyment.


This cunt parking across my drive, and on a double yellow… (again :confounded:)


Have you got something big and heavy you can roll down the driveway and accidentally hit the car?


Like a Porsche?


Unfortunately not, and there’s no way I’m using the Porsche to damage it…

It’s days like this you wish the bin men were driving down the road taking mirrors off cars… lol.


If he has parked across your driveway, can you call the council?


I could have called the police as he was causing an obstruction, however the cunt moved it after I went indoors…


We get this a lot too. Quite often the driver will ring the door bell to let us know where they’ll be. But woe betide them if they don’t. I normally wipe their windscreen then fix an impolite notice right in the middle using superglue…


my neighbour had this when he first had his drive out. He generally got 4 cones out of his van, and surrounded the offending vehicle with plastic tape saying something like hazardous keep out with a sign giving the phone number of one of those shyster PPI companies.


In Canterbury. Offensively ugly SUV? Check. Stupid registration? Check. Double yellows for hours? Check.


I thought it was Mayfair when I first looked.

Tells you a lot about the car and the street I guess.


Looks like illegal parking is a regular occurrence there. Even on Streetview.


No parking ticket? check.


Quite appropriate, PR = per rectum, ideal for the arsehole.



I had a sit in one of them last weekend - hideous on the outside, but amazing inside.


The only sound you can hear in the cabin is the gentle swoosh of Woolf Barnato turning in his grave … :grimacing:


Out on my travels today I saw this:

Yes, that Ka is parked, not abandoned after a particularly shite joy ride.

And in Aldi:

Now, this cunt lives near me. He batters around in his prickmobile, wastegates dumping constantly and often he has his lights and siren going too. How the police haven’t confiscated his stupid piece of shit, I don’t know. He has a mate with a Shelby Mustang done up in some other PD livery, who is given to turning on his lights and charging up the outside of a line of traffic.

And no, Evo cunt is definitely not disabled.


Ex copper?