Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


No, don’t think so, too young to be ex job.




He feckin needs to be :smirk:


Surely the KA driver is just demonstrating to the twats parked on the pavement that the road is of adequate width to park on.


Has he got blue lights on top? Only the emergency services are allowed blue lights I believe.


Go on then Mike, enlighten us. Some variation on CHiPs?


Red, white and blue.


Report the fuck then.


Covert Human Intelligence Source - they tend to get ignored / favourable treatment by plod


WHile he may just about make human, the utter cuntishness of the car, let alone the parking, suggests that there is no intelligence involved. I would have thought some decent upstanding citizen would have thoroughly vandalised that twatwagon though. It is just begging to be firebombed…


Yep, it IS criminal that that hasn’t happened yet. The owner is clearly a twatbadger.


That might make a bit of sense, now you mention it…


Good heavens Olan, that’s the whole point. It’s covert. He pretends to be a twat so the crims never suspect he’s actually James Bond.



His intelligence is certainly very, very covert.


:smirk: fixt


Hence the colour of the car



Ah, you have to be on Facebook to see it.
Can’t do, won’t do.


try here

I agree FB is shite.


Was chatting to one of the coastguards here about that the other day, he said they used to use bolt cutters to cut the handbrake cable and let the car roll into the sea when fuckwits did that and they had a callout.

Not permitted anymore :disappointed: