Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Iirc, that bridge has over height illuminated warning signs… :dizzy_face:


If not then this

should make it obvious. Even with the new dent…






My fuckwittery :upside_down_face:




Fucking amazing that the Beemer is properly parked. That is a gem of a photo in terms of the scarcity value.


I reckon they are european penpals, from the over 30 stone club


I reckon the front offside wheel is over, if not on the line we can’t see.


Fair enough. However, given the proximity to the lines it is amazingly well parked for a beemer. I suspect he attempted to park like a cunt but couldn’t manage it due to an excess of derp.


Thing is, the Golfs have done that deliberately, probably the 2nd to arrive did it for fun just to match. The bmw drive on the other hand couldn’t give a shit and takes no pride in his or her parking, ie a cunt.


OK, time to lower the tone.

Is it just me … ?

Maybe it isn’t



This came up in my recommend youtube feed which was a bit random but makes for compulsive viewing (needs sound).



Nicked from facebook.

Unbelievably, no-one was seriously hurt when this car smashed through a bridge and crashed into the River Derwent in Duffield.


Not really sure if this qualifies as I have no picture, although it does involve parking and there is a cunt involved.

I walked past a broken down bus today. Parked backing on to it was a small van, sign written Brighton and Hove Bus Company. There was a mechanic wearing a bright orange boiler suit with Brighton and Hove Bus Company written on it and the engine covers were off the bus.
Unfortunately the mechanic wasn’t fixing the bus, he was arguing with a Parking Attendant who was in the process of putting a ticket on the van for parking at a bus stop.


Fucking brilliant you can beat a traffic warden, but never hard enough.


The only way to top this would have been if the warden had been a private contractor employed by the bus company to keep the bus-stops clear. Then he/she could have had a bus company jacket too.



this is Brighton innit - I thought no one was allowed to park anywhere for less than £30 a day


So very fucking true