Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Cauliflower risotto with fried breadcrumb and anchovy topping…yum


Ol’ Skool roast chicken. Goose fat spuds, carrots and squash.


Beef cheeks and mash with long stem broccoli


Herb crusted rack of lamb, roast spuds and sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, sweetheart cabbage and peas with home made minted gravy made using lamb bones.


Here later


That looks really good. I might give it a blast when I am in London in June.


We looked at Fischers a few weeks ago. Partly because we used to live in Marylebone, and partly because Narelle’s 60th is imminent and we have her school friends coming over from the Antipodes. I await your review with bated breath.


Looks lovely.


Toad in da 'ole because the sleepover has requested it, and we all love it


Fuck the fuck off, you bastards.

Claire is doing fajitas, out of a kit…:neutral_face:


Fajitas can be…errr…nice :smirk:


I’m just going to drown them in Psycho Juice chilli sauce and tell her that they’re lovely…


The lamb was adequate.



Home made pizza with onion, garlic, red pepper, green birds eye chilli, chorizo, pepperoni and mature west country cheddar.


Did you do the dough in your bread maker Jim?


Looking rather adequate :sunglasses:


No, my daughter made it by hand. I do use the bread maker quite a lot though :+1:


Beef cheeks were also very, very adequate. As was the wine. Fajitas would have been a viable alternative if only I hadn’t have been cooking for 4+ hours


Fajitas were OK, she jazzed the kit up a bit, and the Psycho Juice did rest.

She’s not a bad cook really, just not confident in getting combinations right, so over the years she’s sussed which jars and mixes work to give her the flavour she’s aiming for. Some of them are surprisingly nice.

Anyway, they were not bad and when I told her they were nice, it wasn’t a lie.

Olan’s tea sounded bloody gorgeous though, well jel :heart_eyes:


This is the second time we have been this year, we like the food (the style reminds me of the food my family used to cook when I was a kid), the portions are generous and tasty.

It isn’t the kind of restaurant where you linger unless you are a slow eater and dictate the timing yourselves - the service is good but can be perfunctory and a little surly - but not impolite - we don’t mind that though - in fact one might say “Germanic” in its efficiency. Our dinner took about 90 minutes (2 courses for me and 3 for Louise) which is quick for us.

For starters we had chopped liver (which I love and is like my mum makes) and Louise had a dish of spaetzle with smoked bacon and cheese, it is hearty, filling and delicious.

For mains we have only ever had the wiener schnitzel - Louise has a half sized portion to leave room for dessert.

with sides of pickled cucumber salad and Austrian potato salad. You’ll notice a sauce under the schnitzel, this is “Sauce Parisian” a beefy jus… Personally I am unconvinced this is necessary, it would be better served on the side as underneath it results in a bit of a soggy bottom on what is otherwise a perfect (in my view) schnitzel. The schnitzel itself is just as it should thin, crispy, moist and delicious - brilliantly cooked, it is such a faff to do properly at home (even if you can get the correct cut of veal).

Louise had a apple strudel for dessert, believe it or not I really don’t do desserts very much. The strudel was surprisingly un-sweet and sharp with apple or a perfect texture.

The couple next to us (tables are very close together) had the some sausages which looked great and very generous. The wine list is short but perfectly ok, we treated ourselves to a £50 bottle Riesling which was just perfect.

We definitely recommend Fischers the food is spot on, it isn’t fine dining but it is great, and very good at what it does… we’ll be going back.

If anyone is looking for a more fine dining type experience in Marylebone, we can also recommend The Orrery (http://www.orrery-restaurant.co.uk/) which a French restaurant a little further up Marylebone High Street (towards Baker St)from Fischers , it is very different and more expensive, but the food is lovely and well worth considering for a special occasion.