Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Thanks Simon. Fischers is definitely on the list now.


Nice. I am tempted by the beetroot salmon.


I tend to wait until Munich if I feel the urge for a Schnitzel!


that’s nice for you :rolling_eyes:, in comparison to those I’ve had in both Germany and Austria, this is only beaten by those in Austria… although my Mum cooks a mean Schnitzel.


I’d like it to be more often but I rarely if ever go to places that would do it as well in England. Most of the Munich eateries we go to (while visiting the show) offer a Schnitzel & it isn’t usually ruinously expensive.


What meat is schnitzel made from


Veal (baby cow)


as already said Wiener Schnitzel is traditionally made from Veal. In the UK this should be rose veal rather than the other forms.

You can though have pork, chicken or even turkey Schnitzel - any cutlet or escalope that can be bashed out thinly ready for pané and frying.


How about tofu?


Now you’re talking!




I’ll turn you into schnitzel in a minute! :grinning:


Another blunt tool you’re thinking of buying?


O’ill be mostly eating popcorn during the footie match…:+1:


Technically anything else other than veal would be an escalope :nerd_face:

Or in Straya it’s referred to as a Parma. Don’t ask…


…cow fritters…meh


Home-made chicken, leek and pancetta pie. Served with mash and asparagus.


Ended up in Whitstable last week so it would have been rude not to have a local oyster or three.


Fully enclosed, or just a lid?


It must be full enclosed or it’s NOT a pie. It’s a stew with a lid.