Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


First barbecue of the year so we pushed the boat out. Entree was Prawns in a Thai with a Thai dipping sauce that was insanely hot. The main was pork belly marinated in Thai sweet chilli sauce, sea bass fillets and really thick sirloin steak flash cooked over the hottest bed of charcoal I could manage. Jackie excelled herself with a five bean salad with a mint dressing along with various other salads and barbecued fresh corn.

Fecking lush, but I’ll be paying for it tomorrow.


If only Michael winner was still alive to try this


Calm down dear boy, he would have written a full page review of it… :fries:


We might have had to tie him on his back to the table & then force feed it to him through a large funnel but it would have been worth it :+1:


Do you approach this meal in the same way every time you eat it? What do you start with? Do you save the tomatoes until the end or are they first?


The people betray him, he is sad


:+1: fixt


It’s a complex routine.
I would go into details,but i fear the forum won’t have the bandwidth to cope.

The toms go on last so they keep the right temperature,they need to be 8-15mm away from the rice,any nearer or further utterly ruins the meal

I don’t start work till 10,but on the days i’m doing rice,i like to get there for 6am so i have time for the prep work to eat at 12.30…


is each grain strategically placed with culinary tweezers?


I am not a betting man and I can’t see over the top of the rice at the right angle but the tomato on the right looks like it could be more than 15mm away from the rice. How does this make you feel?


There is a piece of rice behind the tom.

I use digital calipers to make sure that rule is never broken.


Dining like a potentate again tonight, with added Chateau Jakey to add that frisson of danger.


Reduced fat houmous? What the feckity feck is that then?


Just rong.


Not a deliberate choice, I hadn’t actually noticed.

But now that you mention it, it doesn’t actually taste of anything.

Before you ask, dessert is Hip Flask Roulette.

Is it 40 yo Rosebank​? Is it turps? There’s only one way to find out.


A proper home made Gumbo with chicken, smoky bacon, prawns & a few bits of chorizo providing the protein.


That sounds good :thumbsup:


40 day “dry aged” sirloin…


Just about to go in for a 20 minute roast, whole grain and Dijon mustard topped cod loin with onion and cornichon then foil off and creme added, with new potatoes and broccoli


That sounds nice and simple to boot