Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


My wife has demanded something that I used to cook regularly (a rice pilaf thing with salmon) but I have very little idea what I actually did. I found the recipe that I based it on but I changed the flavours, spice mix, herbs etc… entirely…


Introduce her to the Gin bottle an hour before Dinner. Voila ! it now tastes the same.


I said I could try adding raisins. She said I could add banana. I asked really? She said yes, I could, if I wanted it thrown in my face.


I like your missus :smile:


Salmon went a bit over perfect temp but think the dish tastes close enough. Wish me luck.


Saw this on Facebook… Extra pepperoni ftw!


Going on a healthy one this week,so have kicked the toms into touch




Mr Potato-cyclops?


Home made beef curry and chips - Thai style curry made from spring onion, red chilli, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce and creamed coconut.


Brains on sticks…


you in the Turan? we are on our way to moon at you through the window. Oh and I hope you have a better time than we did last week with its fawlty towers service.


Tonight was brilliant…


what did you have? we might take a walk down on Friday


Chilli paneer
Vegetable manchurian
Sheekh kebab
Aloo bhaji
Garlic/chilli mogo
Chicken lollipop (see brains on sticks photo)
Chicken baglungi
Kofta curry
Chilli garlic keema nan.


Very nice,and for the main meal?


Tsk ! Barely made double figures.


Yes, twas just a snack


It’s good but it’s no Uncle Bens


Looks bloody good tbh