Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Can you roll the windows down in the Turan? Otherwise I hope the waiters are on danger money…


You should give it a try Mike, not far from you…


Not so much the restaurant, but in the car on the way back :mask:


tfft :+1:


Where is it Ritchie ? Hatfield ?




Cheers. That’ll be a yes then,

I’ll definitely give it a whirl. Do you need to book ?


Maybe on Friday/Saturday…




we only book on Fri/Sat - it is 10 mins walk away for us, the food is excellent, but the service can be a bit fawlty towers.

If anyone wants platters of grilled meat, try the Turkish Kitchen next to the Wetherspoons just round the corner from the Turan


Where can you get platters of grilled tofu?


no one would dare to produce that much bad in one go.




If anyone brings tofu to Lopwell, I shall fart on it to render it unfit for human consumption (if it wasn’t already) :smirk:


That will only make it taste better.


surely that is just smoked tofu or possibly a regional variation (Essex) in the first stage in the production of Stinky Tofu


Essex regional variation :laughing:


Sticky Tofu pudding?


Chocolate sauce optional?


Only if Jim sharts on it.