Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


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Tomahawk steak. Proper caveman food.

Can of beer shown for scale. :grinning:

Will rub with teriyaki sauce, oil and garlic, sear on the griddle and finish off in the oven for half an hour or so, for blue/rare.

Ellie has bet me I won’t be able to eat it all. Stupid child.


Ah, teriyaki that traditional Neanderthal condiment.


why ruin it with Teriyaki - if its a decent cut of beef let the meat shine - a twist of salt and pepper and some oil, perhaps baste with melted butter. Don’t get me wrong Teriyaki has its place.


Yep, this is the approach I would take. A very hot charcoal barbecue would also feature in any plans I had given the current weather…


I like teriyaki, but I only used a few drops, bbq is a no go because the patio is currently filled up with broken decking,

Now resting while I get everyone else’s stuff ready. Sirloin for Lauren, pork steak for Ellie, chicken for Claire. With a mixed salad, an Austrian potato salad, asparagus and corn on the cob.


And you can’t come up with a plan to get shot of the knackered decking and cook your steak at the same time? Shame on you…



what’s that then? recipe?


Boil ten Aussie spuds. Eat them.


Nothing too special really, but really yummy. Should have said my Oma’s potato salad, passed down through my mum to me.

Cook some salad potatoes till done, chill in some ice water.

When cold, slice them, or quarter or whatever you prefer, add some chiffonade sliced spring onions, then a good grind of salt and cracked black pepper. Then comes the Austrian bit, drizzle with kürbiskernöl (roasted pumpkin seed oil, the best comes from Steiermark) and some white wine vinegar and mix it all up. You can make it a bit posher by dolloping in some soured cream and mixing it in.

The difficult bit is finding good oil, anything available now will be starting to oxidise unless kept in a cool dark place, and even then it’s past its best. It’s made in October and doesn’t last anywhere near as long as olive oil.

There’s a place in Bluewater that sells it, but the last time I tried it from there (they let you taste it there) it had gone over quite badly. I suspect that direct from Steiermark via the Internet is the way to go.

My aunty sends me a litre every year, along with a litre of Schnapps. :heart_eyes:



Mine is full with neighbours bodies.


Thanks, I was intrigued as we do something very similar that my mother taught me and always called was “German potato salad” - we use sweet white onions sliced very finely and rape seed oil instead of the spring onions and pumpkin seed oil. My grandmother made similar but sprinkled it with lightly crushed caraway seeds. Both my mother used sunflower oil and my grandmother, sour cream.


Ooh, caraway seeds would go very well in there. I think I’ll give that a go.


My late M-I-L had German heritage and made a similar dish using spring onions, rapeseed (or Canola as it’s called in Oz) but instead of sour cream it was fresh cream with a splash of white wine vinegar.

We regularly make a version of it.


Very nice burger and chips in a mug,was tempted to go for apple crumble and custard,but was concerned it would be served in a cement mixer


That’s the royal William yard for ya, I got served a cup of tea in a dog bowl the other day, put me off ordering food


At least It’s on a plate and not a bit of roof or driftwood.


Eating very little… mainly orthodontic wax!