Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Picked up some Avocados from the butchers - £3 a box 17p each


Ann’s turn to cook the Sunday fry-up this week - she went slightly overboard on the toms! :grinning:


No black pudding? :scream:


I’m cutting down on the pork after ODing in Germany :laughing:


Looks like nearly 4 days of your five a day. :grinning:


Even something to wipe your jowls on - Posh


Avocado salad served hipster style :slightly_smiling_face:


Shouldn’t you have plated that up on the hubcap of your V-Dub for true hipster cred??


Afraid I’ve got Porker alloys, but yes I shall buy a set just for the purpose!


Schnitzel, pot salad aka rob998 guess and a nice beetroot salad. Scoffed before a picture could be taken.


Fruit cake and chuck jaws,best action movie of 1977 imo


Starring Allen Keys and with theme music by the Random Washers

I’ll get my coat…


Just finished Orkney steak and vegetable pie on the ferry and now tucking into my third pint of Banyan while watching the crcket.

The sea is extremely lumpy.

Lots of people are not traveling well


Watch your step :thumbsup:


Boat to the mainland or Shetland Paul?



I’m on my way to Lopwell


Bon voyage ! Lopwell sounds ace, have a great time all :wine_glass:


Last night, a Magnum ice cream bent my brace wires.

Life is shit, sometimes. Don’t get me started on beansprouts… picture a pair of trainers wrapped round a high phone wire. Not for shifting!


Safe journey Paul


I maked theses. BBQ’d 9oz of 100% ground shin beef, BBQ’d onions, Montgomery cheddar, Iceberg lettuce, gherkins, egg and roasted pepper ketchup…

Bottle of vino for scale…